Dr. Butia and staff are proud to announce that our new location is OPEN!        

Fishing Creek Veterinary Center
349 Main Street, Mill Hall, PA 17751 

We appreciate you, your furry family members, and your continued support. 
We can’t wait to share these new things with you!

Pet Wellness & Preventive Care

The health and lifespan of your pet depend on pet wellness and preventative care.

Pet Wellness & Preventive Care Service Image

Pet Wellness & Preventive Care

Geoffrey D. Butia, DVM, provides a range of services to maintain your pet’s health and ward off illness. All dogs and cats should have yearly wellness checkups, which enable us to identify issues early and administer the finest therapy. Also, we provide dental treatment, microchipping, and vaccines. You may contribute to the longer, happier life of your pet by investing in preventative care.